Koshin Pump is a world-wide pump manufacturing leader. Koshin specialize in creating the most reliable pumps for a number of industries, including Agricultural & Garden, Construction & Civil Enggineering, Oil Industries, Marine and Introducing a series of Portable Power Systems

Tradia Penta sebagai perusahaan distribusi KOSHIN Pump. Kami menjual produk Koshin Pump kualitas terbaik dengan pilihan size & type terlengkap. Kami berkomitmen dan profesional untuk memberikan layanan dan produk berkualitas tinggi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda.

Koshin FS Pump

  • Koshin FS Pump Self Priming pump for low Viscosity Oil

Koshin Oil Pump GL Series

  • Koshin Oil Pump GL Series for Low Viscosity Oi Safety by-pass function protects pump.

Koshin Gear Pump GB-GC Series

  • Koshin Gear Pump GB-GC Series Simple mechanism, compact size and lightweight, these economical pumps are used in industry, agriculture and commercial fishing


  • Koshin CHANGE MASTER Oil Change Pumps with benefit
    • Powerful pump transfers high viscosity oil. (Up to 800 cst)
    • Highly recommended for motor oil change.
    • Safety by-pass valve protects pump.


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