Flow Meter Smith 3 Inch Type E3

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Smith Meter® PD Meters

The Smith Meter Model E3 is a 3″, double-case,  straight-through (S1 through S8), rotary vane type  positive displacement meter. Applications include:  blending, batching, dispensing, inventory control, and  custody transfer of oils, solvents, chemicals, paints,  fats and fertilizers.


  • Superior Accuracy – The Smith Meter Rotary Vane Meter principle, combined with  the meter’s uniquely designed (offset) inlet  and outlet nozzles, minimizes pressure drop across the measuring chamber, which  reduces flow through meter clearances  to maximize accuracy.
  • Low Pressure Drop – Streamlined flow path provides low pressure drop. » Positive and Accurate Registration – High torque drive calibrator with adjustment in 0.05% increments ensures accurate registration.
  • Long Service Life – Low friction ball bearings, fixed cam-type timing, and rugged construction give sustained accuracy and long service life.


  • High Viscosity Meter Clearances – To extend operation at maximum flow rate from 400 mPa•s  to 2,000 mPa•s.
  • High Temperature Clearances – To extend operating temperatures from 150°F to 200°F (65°C to 93°C).
  • All Iron Trim – For operating temperatures above 200°F (93°C). » LPG Trim – For low lubricity liquids such as LPG.
  • NACE Construction – Special components available to meet requirements of NACE Standard MR-01-75

Operating Specifications

Minimum Flow Rate  Typical Performance

Repeatability ±0.02%


  • Standard: 400 mPa•s2 (2,000 SSU) maximum. Optional: 2 Pa•s (10,000 SSU) maximum – specify “High Viscosity Meter Clearances.”
  • Over 2 Pa•s – specify “High Viscosity Meter Clearances” and derate maximum flow rate in direct proportion to viscosity over 2 Pa•s (e.g., at 4 Pa•s, derate Maximum Flow Rate to 50% of Normal Continuous Rating – 210 USGPM).


Meter Gearing

Five U.S. gallons or one dekaliter per revolution of meter calibrator output shaft. One barrel – special.

Maximum Working Pressure

Ordering Information

Sebagai perusahaan yang sudah lama bergerak dibidang penjualan alat alat pendukung keperluan industri seperti flow meter, water meter, strainer, pompa hydraulic,dll. Kami PT Tradia Penta berkomitmen menyediakan Produk-Produk Smith Flow Meter dengan kualitas terbaik, harga bersaing dan telengkap untuk membantu memenuhi kebutuhan perusahaan Anda

Download Katalog Smith Meter E3


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