Amico LXLC 100mm

Specification Amico Water Meter LXLC 100mm

  • Nominal Flowrate Qn : 60 M3/h
  • Minimum Flowrate (Qmin) : 4.8 M3/h
  • Transitional flowrate (Qt) : 18 M3/h

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Jual AMICO Water Meter LXLC 100mm Dry Dial Water Meter

AMICO Water Meter adalah alat ukur air yang banyak digunakan untuk instalasi Air PDAM, Rumah, Rumah Sakit, Apartemen maupun Hotel . Desain yang simple serta kualitas yang handal membuat AMICO Water Meter banyak digunakan di seluruh dunia.
Kami menjual Amico Water Meter LXLC 100mm kualitas produk terbaik.

Special Features

  • Digital-wheel counter mechanism for direct reading
  • Large range for measuring, good accuracyin flowrate
  • High continuous flow capacity, lower head loss
  • Steady curve characteristics
  • Performance of type LXLC water meteris up to standard ISO 4064 B

Working Condition

  • Water Temperature : For Cold Water <30 C
  • Water Pressure : < 1 Mpa

Meter Design

  • Solid and robust design, long service guaranteed
  • Selected high quality materials guarantee
  • Universal interchangeable measuring insert
  • Outer calibration device


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