CORKEN PT 20 Sliding Vane Pump

Specification Corken PT 20 Sliding Vane Pump

  • Flow : 88 GPM / 333 L/Min
  • Pump Speed : 780 Rpm
  • Viscosity : 20.000 SSU / 4.250 cP
  • Differential Pressure : 125 psi / 8.5 bar
  • Working Pressure : 200 psi / 13.8 bar
  • Temperature : 3000 F / 1490 C

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Jual Pumps Corken PT 20

CORKEN PT 20 Sliding Vane Pump a 2 inch petroleum pump and is ideal for “lube oil” deliveries that require low flow rates. Applications include deliveries to service centers such as auto dealerships and quick lube companies.

Features Corken PT 20 Sliding Vane Pump

  • O-ring design delivers maximum sealing capability and is available with optional seal materials.
  • Corrosion resistant bypass valve made of nickel plated cast iron.
  • Available with a standard bypass valve or an optional air operated valve (AOV) for high and low flow control.
  • Additionally, the AOV relieves the pressure in the lines for easier handling of the hose nozzle.
  • Reliable mechanical seal design with optional seal materials. Heavy duty ball bearings provide greater durability and strength.
  • Hollow rotor helps reduce weight.
  • Available with a T-style strainer that keeps your pumping system free from damage caused by welding slag and foreign materials left in the piping or tank.
  • Conveniently located drain plug allows you to empty the pump quickly when necessary.
  • Positive displacement sliding vane design delivers higher pumping efficiency and a lower noise level.
  • The self adjusting vanes extend the life of the pump by compensating for wear.
  • Installation is simple since the PT-Series pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with the competition.
  • Viton®1 elastomers ensure compatibility with a wider range of fluids such as biodiesel and ethanol blends.

Applications Corken PT 20 Sliding Vane Pump

  • Fuel oil deliveries
  • Fleet refueling
  • Lube oil deliveries
  • Aviation refuelers
  • Bulk transfer
  • Bulk loading & blending
  • Transporting the following
     Petrochemicals
     Gasoline
     Biofuels
     Ethanol
     Solvents


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