BR Type LXLG 100

Specification Water Meter BR LXLG 100

  • Size : 100 mm (4″)
  • Measuring Class : Class B
  • Nominal Flowrate Qn: 60 m³/h
  • Minimum Flowrate Qmin : 1.8
  • Transitional Flowrate Qt : 12
  • Min. Reading : 0.01
  • Min. Reading : 999999.99

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Jual Water Meter BR LXLG 100 Horizontal Helix Detachable Magnet-Drive Water Meter

Special Feature :

  • Wod-wheel counter mechanism for direct reading
  • Large measuring range, high flow accuracy
  • High continuous flow capacity, lower head loss
  • Perfomance is up to standards ISO 40625

Meter Design :

  • Solid and robust design, long service quaranteed
  • Selected high quality materials quarantee absolute corrosion resistance
  • Universal interchangeable measuring insert
  • Outer calibration device

Working condition :

  • Water Temperature For Cold Water ≤30ºC
  • Water Pressure ≤ 1 Mpa

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