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Jual Flow meter Nitto Seiko

NITTO SEIKO Type RS (Rotary Flow Meter) Types A0, Z8, I0, CN
“Kinerja Maksimal & Hasil Terbaik” merupakan jaminan produk NITTO SEIKO dalam memenuhi kebutuhan berbagai industri.

The positive displacement flow meter has many advantages such as versatility in its application field, high accuracy in measurement with wide-ranged flow rate etc. and is now used widely in every industry. In the range of positive displacement flow meters, the rotary flow meter has a particularly simple structure, and ceramic is used as standard material for the bearings which come in contact with liquid. Besides, a special plastic excellent in resistance to chemicals, wear, heat and impact is employed for the rotor. A large-size legible register is used in the direct totalizer. This rotary flow meter is an easy-to-use durable liquid flow meter.

General Specifications NITTO SEIKO Type RS
• Measured liquid: Cold and hot water, Petroleum,Chemical liquids, Food liquids, etc
• Size: 25A, 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A
• Liquid viscosity: 0.5~500mPa•s(0.2~30,000mPa•s)
• Liquid temp.: Normal temp. ~80℃(-20~200 ℃)
• Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less(2.0MPa or less)
• Accuracy: Within ±0.5%
• Material: FC200/CAC406, FC200/FC200 FC200/SCS14, SCS14/SCS14

Sebagai perusahaan yang sudah lama bergerak dibidang penjualan alat alat pendukung keperluan industri seperti flow meter, water meter, strainer, pompa hydraulic,dll. Kami berkomitmen menyediakan Produk-Produk Nitto Seiko Flow Meter dengan kualitas terbaik, harga bersaing dan telengkap untuk membantu memenuhi kebutuhan perusahaan Anda

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