Southern Cross Aurora Series


  • Bronze fitted pump construction
  • Dynamically balance impellers
  • Bronze shaft sleeves and case wearing rings
  • Twin volute on 10” and larger pumps
  • Re-grease able ball bearings
  • Internal bypass between casing and stuffing box
  • Carbon steel shaft
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Cast integral bearing arms
  • Water slingers and grease seals
  • Coupling guard

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Jual Southern Cross Aurora 410 Series Single Stage Split Case Pump

  • Capacities to 15.000 GPM (3.407 m3/h)
  • Head to 663 Ft (202 m)
  • Temperatures to 275 F (135 C)

The horizontal split case pump has long been used for the handling of liquids where the utmost in reliability and accessibility is paramount. The Aurora 410 Series is a modern design based on Aurora’s over 90 years of experience with the design, sales and manufacturing of split case pumps.

Model 411 is horizontally baseplate mounted with a driver flexibility couple to the pump. This design is recommended where floor space is readily available and where flooding of the installation is not possible.

Model 412 is vertically mounted and uses flexible shafting between the driver and the pump. This model is frequently used on difficult applications where flooding of the installation is a possibility.

Model 413 is vertically mounted with an elevated driver coupled directly to the pump through a flexible coupling. Model 413 is very popular for installations where available floor space is limited and where possible flooding is marginal.


  • Aurora’s 410 Series are readily used in industrial, agricultural and commercial applications including water supply, irrigation and water transfer.

Optional Features

  • All iron, all bronze or special alloy pump construction
  • Hardened 440C stainless steel shaft sleeves (packing only)
  • 316 stainless steel shaft sleeves (mechanical seal)
  • Impeller wearing rings
  • Oil lubricated ball bearings
  • Mechanical seals

Pump Dimension Southern Cross Aurora 410


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