Southern Cross Centurion


  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Precision cast for superior hydraulic and mechanical performance and improved efficiency
  • Heavy duty, low noise bearings
  • 80mm to 800mm discharge
  • Flow rates up to 3200 litres per second
  • Heads up to 200 metres
  • Material options available to meet the requirements of high temperature or corrosive liquids
  • Mechanical Seal or stuffed gland sealing
  • Temperatures up to 105°C
  • Up to 24 bar working pressure (up to 37.5 bar testing pressure)
  • Can handle solids content of up to 80mg/litre

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Jual Southern Cross Centurion Horizontal Split Case Pump

Single stage, double suction, split case pumps for larger flows in water supply


  • Single stage, double suction, split case pumps for larger flows in water supply, irrigation, mining, firefighting, dewatering and industrial applications


  • Vertical configuration with double row, grease lubricated angular contact bearings in drive end and product lubricated composite bush bearing in non-drive end.
  • Oil lubricated bearings.
  • Heavy duty double row ball bearings.
  • Single or double mechanical seals.
  • Packed gland seals with optional external flush.
  • External cooling.


  • Capacity Max. 4000m3 /hour
  • Head Max. 160 metres
  • Liquid Temp. up to +130˚C
  • Pumped Liquid Clean Water

Material Construction Southern Cross Centurion


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