Southern Cross ISO

Optional Extras

  • Heavy duty bearing options include constant level oilers and oil coolers
  • To meet AS2941 Fire Protection Pump Code deep groove grease lubricated bearings, either sealed for life or regreasable bearings are available
  • Labyrinth shaft seals
  • Replaceable stainless steel or zinc free bronze wear rings where abrasive liquids are pumped
  • Reusable ‘O’ ring body seals in Teflon or EPDM
  • Optional drilling flanges
  • Optional packed glands running on replaceable stainless steel shaft sleeves are available with pumped water by-pass lubrication, or external clean water flushing. Split glands are fitted for ease of service.
  • Mechanical seals – single or double cartridge seals running on stainless steel shaft sleeves in balanced or unbalanced configuration of various types to suit particular applications.
  • External clean water flushing and cooling can be supplied for high temperature, abrasive or toxic applications.

Optional Wet-end Materials

  • Cast Iron AS1830 / T260
  • Stainless Steel AS2074 / H6B
  • Zinc Free Bronze AS1565 / C90250
  • SG Iron AS1831 / 400-12
  • “Durimet 20” AS2074 / H9A

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JUAL Southern Cross ISO-PRO Centrifugal Pump

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality meeting the requirement of reliability and longevity in the most demanding applications.


  • Ideal for heavy duty industrial use, including belt drive applications. General water transfer in processing plants, mines, construction sites and irrigation


  • Heavy duty oil lubricated taper roller bearings
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Superior hydraulic design & manufacturing methods produce significantly higher efficiencies for lower running costs and reduced maintenance
  • Australia wide backup
  • Heads to 160 metres
  • Up to 250 litres per second discharge
  • Manufactured to ISO 5199 Standard
  • Heavy duty design type 316 shaft
  • High strength cast iron bearing housing
  • 2 year warranty
  • Mechanical seals fitted as standard with single on-shaft mechanical seal
  • Superior hydraulic design and manufacturing processes, together with double curvature impeller blades, provide highly efficient suction performance, higher speed capabilities and greater performance for reduced running costs and maintenance.
  • 1600kPa pressure rating
  • Taper mounted impeller for positive drive and easy removal
  • Replaceable stainless steel or zinc free bronze wear rings
  • Reusable ‘O’ ring body seals in Viton as standard and Teflon or EPDM as options
  • AS2129 Flanges
  • Standard tappings —Volute drain plug, suction flange tapping for suction gauge and discharge flange tapping for pressure gauge

Material Southern Cross ISO Pump


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